Our History


Macedonia Baptist Church was founded in 1873, a tumultuous time in our country, especially in the South whereby the Civil War took its heaviest toll. Most of slavery had ended thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation and Abraham Lincoln, but not in its entirety as a few states continued their practice of upholding slavery. Former Slaves and freedmen began to look toward our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, in an effort to better their plight. Churches began to spring up all around the Conyers, Covington area. One such Church was Macedonia Baptist Church.  Macedonia had its beginning under a brush harbor, near Tanyard Branch in Rockdale County. Service was conducted by the Stalwart Patriots. A wooden structure was built at this site. Worship services were held there until 1925 when the current worship edifice was constructed. 

One must realize that in the late 1800’s, I-20 as we know it, did not exist, nor did many of the streets, roads, and avenues we now have the pleasure of traveling to get to our destinations. The saints in those days had to travel by horseback, mule and cart, or simply walk. It was not unusual for your neighbor to live 10 to 15 miles away from you. In essence the church became many things to many people.  It was a meeting place, a place of worship, a place to find out the news of the community, the city, the state, and the country as a whole, and yes, worldly events. The church became an educational center for many in those early days who could not read or write and needed assistance in taking care of their day to day affairs.  

Most of these churches met once a month in their small one story buildings but grew in later years to have services bi-weekly and then ultimately after many years four times per month as the needs of the people became greater. Between 1925 and 1955 several Pastors served at Macedonia: Rev. Billie Taylor, Rev. G.W. Woodson and Rev. Tim Gholson among others. 

In October of 1955, God led Reverend George F. Gude to serve Macedonia faithfully for 38 years. Under Pastor Gude’s tenure Macedonia flourished, ministries grew, sons and daughters were called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Macedonia experienced phenomenal growth during this period. The church sanctuary was remodeled and other aesthetic renovations were made. Additional auxiliaries and various services were added for the uplifting of the church and the community as well. 

Macedonia has had a number of pastors in its illustrious history who have stood the test of time.  Pastors who were eager to see that GOD’s Word was going forth and the people were fed. On September 28, 2012, Macedonia called and elected the Reverend Billie Cox as its new Pastor. Reverend Cox is the first woman to have been appointed as pastor of a historic African American church in the Conyers, Georgia area. Pastor Cox brings a wealth of biblical knowledge and ministry experience to our congregation. She was officially installed on February 24, 2013.